It’s nice to be remembered

This afternoon I got a missed call from a school that I went for interview almost six months ago. I also got a message from the principle asking me if I can do a part-time job there in October. I was quite surprised to get message from her, and even more surprised to know that the principle still remembers me. I called back she was not there, and when I was making dinner, I got  a call from her again. She congratulated me for finding a job in another school, I thanked her remembering me. She said I was one of the most outstanding candidates they have, and I felt quite excited to here that 🙂

She knew that I cannot work part-time there,  and said good luck to me. I said I will keep in touch with her, in case anything happens in the future 🙂

I am not sure if I can work there, because they have strict regulations in employing the registered teachers, I can not got accreditation from MOE with my course contents, so I do not have too much expectation on that.

But it is so nice to hear that you are remembered by someone interviewed you almost half a year ago, I also learned from her this time.

Haven’t wrote blog for quite a while, I feel good to come back, though  at 12.13 am 😦